Pastor Austyn Akpataku

Pastor AustynPastor Austyn Akpataku is a prophetic and visionary leader who believes that “everybody can be somebody”. He began TLC Mississauga’s Living Proof Centre church (a branch of Transforming Life Centre International)  in the Best Western Hotel with just 5 members. In April 2014, he and his wife Monica were anointed by Dr. Ralph Dartey in Ottawa and released to be pastors to set up a branch church in Mississauga.

Pastor Austyn believes and encourages members to act and move by faith because everything he has received in life has been a product of faith.

The grace upon his life is to reach out to people of all walks of life. He has been called by various leaders in the Jane/Finch community to assist in restoring the lives of youth from a place of obscurity, to a place of hope and direction.

Living Proof Centre celebrated its 1 year Anniversary in June 2015. Pastor Austyn believes that if God can do such things in 1 year, there are greater things yet to come for those that put their Trust in the Lord. Under his leadership, the church will strive to impact the Mississauga community through outreach and evangelism while focusing on transforming lives and raising leaders in our generation that will make God the foundation of their faith.

Pastor Austyn and Pastor Monica are blessed with two sons Austyn Jr. and Simon