Sermons – 2016

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January 2016

2016 – The Year of Elohim

Double for your Trouble

February 2016

God, Money and You

God, Money and You – Pt. 2

March 2016

Transition to Elevation – by Minister Sherline

God, Money and You – Pt. 3

Your Dream Will Not Die

Resurrection Sunday

April 2016

Committing to God’s Business Plan for Your Life – Minister Sherline

Anointing for Elevation – The Life of David

The Anointing for Breakthrough Started with Jesus – By Minister Sherline

Anointing for Elevation Pt. 2

How Do We Pray? – Pastor Monica

Anointing for Elevation Pt. 3

Reprogramming Your Mind: The Cost of Unbelief

Enlargement Starts with You: Learning to Hear Clearly from God – Minister Sherline

May 2016

The Cost of Going to the Next Level

Enlargement is a Command to Multiply the Seed given by the Supplier – Minister Sherline

Preparing Your Mind for Enlargement – by Sis. Sharon

The Cost of Enlargement

Does Your Faith Impress God? – by Sis. Sharon

Enlargement Requires Endurance for Increase – Minister Sherline

Understanding Your Adversary: Remain Focused and Don’t Get Distracted – Minister Sherline

The Battle is for Your Mind – By Sis. Sharon

Think Big: The Battle of the Mind

The House that Faith Built – by Sis. Sharon

Assessing Your Partnerships for Success – By Minister Sherline